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What is an ethTweet?

It's a tweet to your favorite Influencer that's supercharged with a crypto tip! Think “Superchat” for Twitter.

Why? To Break Through!

  • Popular Influencers are flooded with @ mentions
  • They block almost all DMs
  • Incentivize them with crypto to engage with your question or suggestion
  • They'll actually look forward to our DM notifications

How Does It Work?

  • Influencers register an ethTweet Ethereum payout address
  • You submit your tweet and crypto tip to our Ethereum smart contract
  • Your tip is instantly paid out to the Influencer and/or their specified charity
  • Your tweet is posted with an @ mention and Proof-of-ethTweet link
  • We also DM the Influencer so they don't miss your ethTweet

Do I Have To Tip In ETH?

Nope! We also support tipping with many popular ERC-20s.

Which Wallets Do You Support?

  • MetaMask browser plugin (easiest)
  • Ledger hardware wallet (safest)
  • Or use your own method
    • (e.g. MyCrypto, MEW, Trust Wallet, etc.)


Get paid to engage with your Twitter followers!

  • monetize your influence anytime, anywhere
  • tips pay out instantly and transparently via our smart contract
  • you set your minimum tip value (in USD)
  • allocate some or all of your ethTweet tips to a crypto-friendly charity or nonprofit!
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