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Free Ross Ulbricht: 100%

10.0 BNZ @CryptoStache more wax for the Stache!
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1000.0 BNZ @CryptoStache more testing! More Banzai Coin! Makin' it rain BNZ!!
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1000.0 BNZ @CryptoStache spend it wisely, my good 'Stache!
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1.0 BNZ And now we build the 'Stache's cache of elusive Banzai Coin!
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How do the donations work?
If an Influencer has selected a charity, the smart contract will divert the specified percentage of the incoming ethTweet's value to the charity. The rest, if any, will be transferred to the Influencer, minus our standard service fee.

Note: We never take a service fee on any portion that is donated to a charity.

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